Thursday, 30 April 2015

Adorable Cafe and Beach Talks

Good Morning!!

I thought I'd tell you about my little adventures yesterday, considering I still don't have any money to buy interesting products to review...

I went to college in the morning - typical Wednesday - and decided that I wasn't feeling quite up to scratch and wanted to come home. I soon felt better after sitting in my room with some toast (it's the simple things in life) and Esther invited me to go out before we went to see a Year 2 Musical Theatre performance (which was amazingly good). We set off and went to an adorable little cafe called Wendy's in St Agnes. 

Cute Wendy's menu

Literally the most amazing lemonade...ever.

Joined by the most amazing chocolate cake mmmmm

This cafe was insanely cute. The reason my pictures aren't all that great is because the sofa was so comfy and I just didn't want to move. But, oh my god. This chocolate cake was heaven on a plate. The icing was so soft and creamy, and the bottom of the cake was kind of brownie like. I'm going back for more.

Just look how adorable it is!
Then we drove to Perranporth beach (feeling a little sick after the fabulous uber chocolatey cake) and just sat and watched the waves roll by and had a long long long chat about everything. It's so nice to be able to just chat with someone and not worry about them judging you or thinking you're weird. We went from funny stories to serious talks to funny stories again. I just love Esther. 

Just look at those amazing waves!

After that we drove to Costa to meet Esther's friend, and then went to the musical theatre performance. At the end they did a few things from Cats and literally just wow. No words.
Esther dropped me home afterwards and we stargazed for about 5 minutes, trying to figure out what this reeeeally bright star was (it was Venus).

So I hoped you enjoyed this little ramble..

See you soon!
Katie xo