Tuesday, 28 April 2015

App Review - Plant Nanny

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Hi again, lovelies!

So, I'm one of those people who don't drink. I don't drink after exercise, I don't drink when it's hot, I don't drink before breakfast. My skin is really suffering and it makes it hard to concentrate.

A friend from college recommended an app to me, which I am going to review for you, which reminds you to drink water and makes it more rewarding.

Welcome to Plant Nanny

To work out how much water you need to drink each day, it asks for your weight and how active you are, and does some random little calculations. I need to drink 3565ml of water everyday, so about eight 500ml glasses. Sounds like a lot for someone who never drinks anything, right?
Well, once you've input your information, you get to choose a plant...

There are loads of different seedlings to choose from, and you even get  to change the pot if you want to. Once you've picked your plant (I went for Devil's Ivy) you get to name it (mine is called Betty) and feed it.

The concept is that every time you have a drink, you feed your plant some water. Eventually the plant will grow. The more you water it, the happier it is, but if you don't water it, it may die :(

Once your plant has grown up, you can buy more with the seeds you get from levelling up!

I really love this app, it sends you reminders when your plant is thirsty and you should take a drink, and has a little number in the corner of the app reminding you how many glasses you need to drink (like notifications).
I've only been using this app for a week or so, but oh my god have I noticed a difference! I've lost weight, my skin is clearer, and my mood in generally better. Eventually you'll get into the routine of drinking water, but the app is always there for when you need help. And, even better, the app is available on iPhone and android, so no excuses to not drink lots of water!

I hope you liked this little review, and let me know if you want to see more in the future.

See you soon!
Katie xo