Sunday, 26 April 2015

Old Poems

Hello, lovelies!

So today, while Esther was around my house (for the first time might I add, how exciting!), we looked through some of the poems I had wrote a few years ago while I was still in secondary school, and basically Esther said if I don't post them, she will!
I've been published in Young Writers on a few occasions, and Esther seems to think I have a talent for it. 
My notebook for poems, a book I was published in and Lang Leav :)

So here is one that I wrote early last year called Apple Tree - 

"Why do people compare their lives
to an apple tree?
If they take one apple it will taste
completely different to an apple of the other side
They use it as a metaphor for the choices
they're too scared to make
But why compare your life to one
single tree
Why not compare your life to the busy
stillness of the forests
Why do people think they are so small and
insignificant that the choices they make and the path
they make for themselves are as tiny as
one apple
on an apple tree?
Your life is a forest.
Your life is a forest, 
a maze of beauty and growth and the birds song and
the foxglove.
Your life is a country full of mountains and
rivers and animals, 
an ocean of opportunity and wonder full to 
the brim of the unknown.
So why compare yourself to 
one apple
on an apple tree?

Your life is the planets working in
synchronisation and beauty.
Your life is a supernova of
Your life is more important than
anybody else's
and just as equal.
So why do people compare
their lives to an apple tree?
You are alive.
You are infinite.
A world of forests,
a universe of oceans and
brighter than the light of
a thousand suns.
one apple
on an apple tree."

I hope you liked it! Let me know if you want to hear more, I have billions.
Do you guys write poems, or short stories? Comment with them below :)

See you soon!
Katie xo