Friday, 22 May 2015

May Glossybox

Hi guys!

I am so excited to be writing this post because I finally got a subscription to Glossybox!! For those of you who don't know, Glossybox is a beauty subscription company who send you a box of makeup/haircare/beauty products and samples for you to try out. It's really great for people, like me, who want to broaden their knowledge of all things beauty and you can find some really gems in these little boxes.

My first Glossybox box!

I'll start off talking about the packaging of the box before the products, simply because I'm so impressed! The box itself came in a  black cardboard packaging with the Glossybox logo on it, which was really really cute. I love when companies spend that little extra to deliver things to you in style. Glossybox always sends you an adorable little pink box with the logo and 'Glossybox' written on it, and it's so simple and minimalistic but I love it so much. Inside the box has the Glossybox logo and the products are sat on top of black tissue paper, which is then enveloped in a very simple and elegant white tissue paper, sealed with a logo sticker and a pretty ribbon. I am literally in love with the packaging, I'm going to keep every box on my bookcase. The box came with a little card which explains what the different products are and how to use them, which I think is a lovely idea. Thanks Glossybox!

Glossybox interior and this month's products

The 5 products I got this month were the Zerreau Beauty Towel Off Shampoo Foam, an alternative to dry shampoo, the MeMeMe Enchanted Eyes Dual Ended Eye Wand which is a double ended blue eyeliner, the Etre Belle Aloe Vera Ultra Moisturising Gel which hydrates and moisturises your face, the Collection Cosmetics Field Day Lipstick in a gorgeous light pink, and the Nails Inc. Nail Polish.

I started with the shampoo first, as I was planning to wash my hair anyway so it was the perfect time to try it. This product is essentially dry shampoo in foam form. Instead of spraying in your hair and brushing it through, you squirt some into your hands and rub it into your roots and ends. It's perfect for when you're in too much of a rush to wash your hair properly, but not so much of a rush that you just need to spray and go. 

Towel Off Shampoo Foam - Zerreau Beauty

Glossybox says:  Apply the foam directly to your scalp and massage it in to lift dirt and grease. Immediately remove the foam by towel drying - voila, your hair looks freshly washed again.
My Review:  The packaging of this product is really lovely and sleek which I like, but I think they could maybe spice it up a bit as it is a little bit plain. The foam smells of a light apple scent which is absolutely gorgeous for this time of year, and definitely makes your hair feel and smell really fresh and crisp! MMMM. I found I had to use quite a few pumps of the product to really cover my hair (I have quite a lot), but that's to be expected from a foam. After towel drying my hair, I found that it did look noticeably cleaner and brighter, but maybe not as much as I was expecting. I think this product is a really cool idea and definitely different, and although I do like it, I wouldn't buy it. It isn't tested on animals which is an amazing plus, and it's alcohol free too! It retails for £7.95 and is available here.

The next product I tried I was really excited for and was the moisturising gel by Etre Belle. I thought this was a mini product at first but when I checked again, realised that Glossybox had given us 3 full sized products this month! 

Aloe Vera Moisturising Gel - Etre Belle

Glossybox Says:  For a healthy glow, apply a sufficient amount to your face and neck in upwards motions to hydrate and soothe your skin.
My Review:  The packaging of this gel is really cute and comes in a little opaque tube, which I always prefer to a pump as you can see how much product is left and get it out yourself. It's really stylish and has a gold detailing on the lid and the brand name. The gel itself is a gorgeous green colour and smells very fresh and light. It reminds me a little bit of Johnson's baby lotion, but not as strong. I used the gel in place of my moisturiser, but I think I might use it as well as my moisturiser to see how much of a difference it makes. I found this product to really hydrate my skin and make my skin feel brighter and more awake instantly, which I loved, but found it left my face feeling a little bit sticky. I don't know if I didn't rub it in properly or if that's just how the product worked on my skin, but it was quite strange. It made my skin feel quite a bit tighter, which the product aims to do too. I think I need to use this product a few more times before I can make a firm decision on whether I like it or not. This product retails for £15.93, which personally I think is quite steep for only 40ml, but if you've got the money to spend, might be a nice little treat for your skin now and again. It's available here.

Next up is the lipstick. I'm quite bad with lipsticks as, although I think they look amazing on, I can never seem to make it look neat. Maybe my lips are just a funny shape but quite often they make me look really strange, so I was quite sceptical when I decided to try this one.
Field Day Lipstick in Tulip 2 - Collection Cosmetics

Tulip swatch

Glossybox Says:  Prepare your lips by gently exfoliating them to create a smooth surface, followed by a dash of lip balm. Apply one coat of lipstick, then blot with tissue paper before applying a second coat to build up and seal in colour.
My Review:  I think the packaging of this collection looks quite cheap and tacky, although it does use nice summery colours. I really loved the colour of this product, 2 Tulip, as it's a gorgeous summery pink which I thought would look lovely with loose wavy hair and a floaty white dress. However, on me, the colour looks a bit hideous. I look really plastic and I think my skin tone is just completely wrong for this colour and I would need something slightly darker. I also found that it didn't go on well as the pigmentation wasn't amazing, and it took me a little while to cover my lips completely. I then blotted my lips and applied a second coat and found it wasn't all that buildable. Overall I'm not very impressed with this lipstick which is a complete shame because the colour is so pretty. If you have very light skin this might be a perfect colour for you, and for only £2.99, it's worth a try to see for yourself. You can find the product here.

Eyeliner was next on my list, and I wasn't quite as excited when I saw this in the box. I am really not a fan of any colour eyeliner other than black because I'm really boring and not adventurous at all, but I thought, I'm getting this Glossybox so that I can broaden my makeup and beauty knowledge and try more things, and considering blue eyeliner is a key trend for spring, I decided to give it a go anyway.

MeMeMe Enchanted Eyes Dual Ended Eye Wand - Light Blue

MeMeMe Enchanted Eyes Dual Ended Eye Wand - Dark Blue

Wand swatch, left - light blue, right - dark blue

Glossybox Says:  For a decadent line of colour, start at the inner corner of your eye and delicately drag the pencil outwards in one smooth sweep.
My Review: The packaging of this product is really simple and has two clear plastic lids so you can see which colour is at which end. I found both colours to be extremely pigmented and was surprised at how much I liked them. The darker of the two looked like a very grey blue, which would be perfect for a summery smokey eye and the lighter blue was very electric and reminded me of the video to Last Friday Night by Katy Perry! I think this colour would look really cool on a night out or at a dress-up party, and would really pop if it was paired with coloured mascara, such as pink! I think I'll use the darker of the two more often as I'm not confident enough to rock the electric blue on a day to day basis. The eyeliner was really easy to remove with a simple micellar water, so I wasn't left scrubbing blue off of my eye. Thumbs up from me! The eyeliner retails for £6.95 which is really good considering you get 2 in 1, and is available here.

Last but not least, the nail polish. I have started painting my nails a lot more than I used to, so I was really happy when I saw I had received one. 

Nails Inc. Nail Polish - shade unknown
Glossybox Says: Apply one thin coat in three strokes on top of a base coat and leave to dry before applying a second coat.
My Review: The packaging of this nail polish is really simple and cute and I don't have any complaints on that. The colour of this polish is a very light red toned purple. Although I don't think it will be a great summer colour, I think I'll wear it a lot in the transition into Autumn and possible early springtime. I love the brush in the polish as it makes the application really easy and is quite thin so you don't end up putting loads of paint on my nails. I didn't get any paint of my fingers (which I always do!) so I am really in love with the brush. The paint dried really really quickly which I wasn't expecting, and I also found that the paint was quite pigmented, so I only needed two coats to get a good coverage on my nails. I'm really excited to use this product more and I think I'm going to check out the collection and see what other colours Nails Inc. have! I don't actually know what colour this polish is as it's only a sample size, but you can see the collections here. This full size of this polish retails for £14.

Overall I'm quite happy with my Glossybox and I can't wait until next month to see the next lot of goodies I receive! Beauty boxes are so much fun, especially when you have no idea where to start when it comes to beauty and makeup. Do you like Glossybox or have any other beauty box subscriptions? Let me know!

See you soon!
Katie xo