Saturday, 9 May 2015

Saturday's Celebrity Styles - Zendaya

For this Saturday's fave style inspiration, I'm going with Zendaya. She is a complete fashion beast, and looks completely flawless no matter what she's wearing or what her hair looks like. She rocks the dreads, the curls and the crop and fringe. I literally cannot get over how gorgeous this girl is, and she's only 18!

Her yellow dress compliments her skin tone perfectly, and paired with the bright blue heels, creates a fierce looks whilst still being very feminine. The bright pink suit is also amazing, and I'm undecided whether she looks better in suits or dresses. Both. Both is good. She also rocks the simple jeans and tshirt combo, just like the rest of us.

These outfits literally took my breath away. Would you just look at her hair at the Kids Choice Awards 2015?! She looks like a modern Cleopatra! Her skirt is so chic and really summery, and I definitely need to find a match! She captured the oriental theme brilliantly, with the absolutely phenomenal skirt and the gorgeous low cut top, which definitely shows off her feminine figure. Her style at the Oscars was also to die for, and although she got ridiculed for her hair (her comeback totally slayed) she still looks completely gorgeous. The simple earrings and white dress are really complimentary, and although all the elements of this outfit are quite simple, she still manages to look like a million pounds. You go, Zendaya!

What do you guys think of Zendaya's fashion? And do you guys like my Celebrity Styles posts? Let me know!

See you soon!
Katie xo