Saturday, 2 May 2015

Saturday's Celebrity Styles - Selena Gomez

Good morning, lovelies!

I had an idea that every Saturday I could share who's fashion/beauty styles I'm really loving at the moment, or have previously loved. 
So this week, I'm focusing on the gorgeous Selena Gomez. I think Selena is a gorgeous young woman, and a really talented one at that. She's definitely one of my 'woman crushes' and I adore how she can pull of the most simple outfit and make it look really on point.

Seriously, how gorgeous is this girl? She's been a style icon of mine for years. Her outfits are so chic and they look effortless but completely stunning at the same time. I especially love her monochrome outfit - it's so flattering on her and the cool glasses and tied back hair give it a real 'video killed the radio star' feel. 
She dresses in such a way that it's easy for young girls to steal her style without spending loads of money, which is an amazing plus, and always styles her hair so beautifully!

Anyway, I hope you liked this post. It's as close to beauty/fashion as I can get with no money haha!

See you soon!
Katie xo