Tuesday, 30 June 2015

June Glossybox

I'll be honest, I wasn't particularly impressed with this month's Glossybox. It was The Festival Edit, and I didn't really feel like any of the products really benefitted me as I'm not going to any festivals this year, and it's rare that I show any skin, winter or summer. 

The products featured in this month's Glossybox include the Monu Spa Rosewood Reviving Mist, a spray to use to set your makeup or keep you refreshed through the day, Glossybox Flash Tattoos, Halo Fragrance Free Facial Wipes, Kueshi Anticellulite Booster, a cream to reduce the look of cellulite, and Essence Gel Nail Polish in a gorgeous bright red.

The first thing I tried was the Monu Spa Rosewood Reviving Mist. I wanted to know how it work as a makeup setter as I'd never used anything except pressed powder to set my makeup, and I was really interested to see if the liquid would ruin my makeup - it did not!

Glossybox says: This skin pick me up never leaves my desk. It's perfect for dull, stressed or flushed skin thanks to the zesty blend of essential oils including lemon, rosewood and geranium. Mist over the face to refresh and set make-up or spray all over to hydrate skin after a bath, shower or swim.
My Review: I was quite intimidated by this product, but was soon overcome with love when I used it. The smell wasn't quite appealing to me as I thought it was too musky, but it stopped my makeup from going cakey and clumpy through the day, kept my face cool and made me feel refreshed. I'm not sure if I love it enough to purchase it, but it's definitely a worth while little product. The full size version of this is £11.95 and is available here.

Next up was the Glossies Flash Tattoos. I haven't actually tried these yet, so what do you guys think of the fake tattoo trend going on at the moment?

Glossybox says: We're always working to ensure our Glossies are a step ahead when it comes to trends, so we've designed these exclusive faux tattoos. Make like the A-listers and wear them stacked around your wrists with a few bangles or apply them somewhere different such as above the ankle. I'm obsessed with mine!
My Review: I think the idea is really cute and I love the designs that were included in them, and I think I'll try a few next week when my summer holidays start! They're worth £6.50, which I think is quite expensive for fake tattoos, but there you go. They're shiny and nice, so who cares!

The Halo Fragrance Free Facial Wipes was one thing that I wasn't particularly excited about, as I'm pretty sure all face wipes essentially do the same thing. I always buy really cheap facial wipes and they always work perfectly for me.

Glossybox says: Perfectly proportioned to tuck anywhere, these facial wipes are fragrance free so they're suitable for anyone with sensitive or sunned-out skin. I keep a pack in my make-up kit, desk drawer, and my handbag!
My Review: This was a travel size product and I don't think there was anything special about these wipes if I'm honest. The packaging was really cute but they do exactly the same as Wilko's own facial wipes, nothing more, nothing less. I found them really handy for wiping little bits of makeup I had missed the night before but I'm not going to purchase them. 50p for 100 in Wilko's does me fine! The travel size is available in Tesco for £1.20.

I was quite intrigued when I saw the Kueshi Anticellulite Booster in this box, as I had never seen anything like it before. 

Glossybox says: This lightweight cream combines a hard-hitting mix of natural ingredients and antioxidants to stimulate blood circulation, in turn toning your skin and fighting off any dimples. Massage into your legs twice a day for summer-ready pins.
My Review: I have no idea if I have cellulite. I mean, I probably do, most people do, but it's not something I fuss about as I never get my skin out. Literally never. It was 29 degrees today and I was wearing black skinny jeans and a sweater. I think I'll keep this handy when I start to become more comfortable with my body, but until then, no review! This was a full size product, which is available for £14.55.

I love nail polish and am constantly after new colours, so I was very happy when I saw the Essense the Gel Nail Polish in my June Glossybox. However, I saw that it was a Gel Polish, which I had never used before, so I was also quite nervous to try it.

Glossybox says: Meet our latest nail obsession, This innovative nail polish has a long-lasting gel formula, for an amazingly shiny manicure that endures all week. Apply it as you would any normal nail polish, and invest in Essence's Gel Nail Polish Top Coat for a pro finish!
My Review: I've never used a gel polish before, but I now LOVE them. The finish was so shiny and gorgeous, and I only needed 2 coats to completely cover my nails. It's been 3 weeks since I painted my nails and most of them still look almost-presentable! I got the red colour as opposed to the green or blue, but I don't think it suits my skin for the summer time, so I'll probably wear it a lot around Christmas time. This was another full sized product which is available here for £1.91, bargain!

All in all, I wasn't amazingly impressed with this box although a few of the products were quite good. I'm excited for next month's box as it has been designed in collaboration with a celebrated fashion illustrator (fancy!), and marries French style with the best of French beauty inspiration. So exciting!

See you soon!
Katie xo

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