Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Lush & Superdrug Haul

So recently, I went shopping with my friend and spent my entire weeks wages on niceness. I went to Lush, Superdrug, Shoe Zone and New Look, as well Costa for lunch. Here's what I bought, along with some mini reviews of each thing.

Okay, so first off is Lush! Now, I'm going to be honest, before this shopping trip, I was a complete Lush virgin. I had never tried a bath bomb or a lip scrub or a bubble bar or anything, but I always wanted to just go in there and really have a look and pick some things up that I think I'd like - so that's what I did! I bought 6 bath bombs and a lip scrub. I absolutely love relaxing in the bath with my laptop watching youtube videos and reading blogs, so I was in desperate need of bath bombs.

The first bath bomb was the Twilight bath bomb. It's a gorgeous pink colour with tiny little stars in it and cost £3.35. This was by far my favourite one. It made the water a gorgeous deep purple colour with light shimmer in it, and was really twilighty. It smelt like a comfort smell which was quite floral and sweety like, and it produced lots of bubbles! The water was so moisturising, I couldn't stop feeling my legs! Definitely going to get this one again.

The next bath bomb was the Dragons Egg bath bomb. I was so excited to find this one because I absolutely love gold and I was told it makes your bath a golden orangey colour. It cost me £3.35 and I think it was worth it. My bath turned a gorgeous sunset orange colour with lots of glittery goodness. It smelt really lovely and fresh and found it left the water feeling smooth and quite moisturising. 

I also picked up the Big Blue bath bomb, which is an absolutely gorgeous blue. It retails for £3.35 and smells divine. It had lots of arame seaweed in it (which is rich in vitamins minerals including iodine which help to regulate the metabolis) which was kind of gross at first, but I got used to it and it made my bath a bit of a novely! I felt like I was sat in the sea on a warm summer morning. Pure bliss. The smell was quite subtle but still strong enough for it to make a difference and make my nose tingle with delight. It didn't stain my bath or my skin, which I was quite scared it would do, although there was lots of seaweed left at the bottom of my bath after the water had drained, not that that's not easy to get rid of. I felt like it made the water really smooth and quite moisturising and my skin felt amazing when I stepped out the bath.

Butterball was another I picked up at £2.65. I've heard a lot of people really liked this one, but honestly, it scared me a little bit. It didn't change the colour of the water, but it left like an oily residue in the bath which was quite moisturising but made me feel a little.. dirty? I don't know. I know oil is good for your skin but it was just a little strange. It smelt really light and fresh which I liked, and it was quite nice to have a break from all the colour explosions! I think I will buy this again, but not very regularly.

Think Pink was an absolutely gorgeous bath bomb at £2.65. It made my bath literally bright pink and smelt really florally and yummy. It felt really moisturising on my skin which is always helpful, and it had tiny confetti hearts inside which made my bath very cute. I will definitely buy this again, just because it's pink to be honest!

Space Girl was one that I've wanted to try for ages, and at £2.35 I couldn't resist. I was really excited to try this one but was actually quite disappointed with it. It made my bath a light purple and it wasn't very glittery at all. It also made me feel quite itchy. I think the only good thing about this was the smell as it reminded me of Palma Violets, but im not too bothered as it was only £2.35

Lastly, I picked up the Bubblegum Lip Scrub for £5.50. My lips are always really dry and quite flaky which makes applying lipstick a tedious job which ends up looking horrible, and a lip balm alone just doesn't work, so I asked about the lip scrubs and was hooked. I didn't like the price very much, but considering everything from Lush isn't tested on animals and is natural, it's worth it. They had two other flavours but I absolutely loved the smell of the bubblegum one so picked it up. I've only actually used this once, but it made my lips so soft that I haven't needed to use it regularly. Everyone says the taste is addicting, but I think the smell is definitely the best bit. You can't use this on the go though because you will look like a loon who has had one-too-many doughnuts.

We then went into New Look as I was in dire need of some new jeans because my last pair had died, so I picked up two pairs of black jeans (I look weird in blue). I got the high waisted super skinny jeans which have rips in the knees. I hadn't really seen the hype in the new ripped jeans trend but I thought I may as well hop of board, and I actually really like them. I feel very confident in them as they're high waisted so they sort of suck my belly in a little bit and gives me a hint of a figure. They were £22.99. The other pair were just a plain black pair of skinny jeans which were £12.99 which are really comfortable and that's all there is to say.

I also went to Shoe Zone as my work shoes that I got from Primark at Christmas are completely dead, so I picked up a pair of plimsole type shoes, which are honestly the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn. They're better than fluffy socks and slippers. I also picked up some simple lace up shoes as it was 2 for £8. I'm quite impressed with both of them considering how cheap Shoe Zone is.

I didn't intend on buying anything in Superdrug, but I honestly just couldn't resist picking up Zoella's Fizz Bar for £5. I've wanted to try it since I saw it on the shelf, and I finally convinced myself to buy it. Yay! I haven't used this yet as I've been trying all the lush bath bombs, what do you guys think of it?

I also picked up 3 face masks. I really want to get a nicer face mask, but as I was tight on money by the end of this shopping trip, I picked these up as they were 3 for 2. I got the Yoghurt Smoothie Mask, the Manuka Honey Peel-Off Mask, and the Superfruits Exfoliating Mask.

I used the yoghurt smoothie mask first, which had cocoa butter, vanilla and honey in it and is for normal to dry skin. It smelt just like vanilla yoghurt which I think is really lovely, and was very thick. I had no idea if you're meant to use the whole packet but I did so I had quite a lot on my face. You leave it on for 10-15 minutes but I left mine on longer because it felt so nice and my nails were wet as I had just painted them. It left my face feeling so soft and clean, which I think it lovely, considering they were so cheap. I recently used the Manuke Honey Peel-Off Mask, which was really weird. You literally peel it off. I felt like someone out of a film who is dressed up as someone and has like a rubber mask on, if you know what I mean? I haven't used the Superfruits one yet, but I'm excited to!

For lunch we went into Costa on the second floor of Waterstones (ahhh, books <3) and I had the mango and passionfruit fruit cooler, the mozerella and pesto sandwich panini thing and a chocolate twist. So delicious.

Have you guys tried any of these things? Let me know!

See you soon!
Katie xo