Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Monthly Favourites | June

June has absolutely flown by, I have no idea where it went! We are officially in the second half of the year and I can't wait for the summer holidays, and the beginning of autumn to arrive. Right now, we've still got a good 3 months of summer left and even though I've got no exciting plans, I do plan on spending a lot of money on summer essentials, so stay tuned for my future monthly favourites to see those!

This month been loving a lot of new products which I recieved for my birthday, however there will be a separate post about that, so look out for that soon!

The first thing I've been loving this month, which is a bit of a boring one, is the Nivea Stress Protect deodorant. Basically, this is the best deodorant I have ever used in my life, and it lasts all day. It has a very fresh scent which isn't overpowering, but still lasts ages. It does irritate my skin, even if I've just shaved, and I just love it to pieces. I had been using a Vaseline roll on deodorant but repurchased this one after realising how much I missed it. 

Nivea Stress Protect, available here, £3.29

Next up, is something I got for my birthday. This lip tint from Lush is really moisturising and is a great alternative to lipstick and lipgloss. It has a very light shine to it so it makes my lips look super healthy, and I find it so easy to apply as opposed to lipstick, which just doesn't want to work for me. It has a really strong honey scent which can get quite sickly but it's not often that I use honey scented things, so it can be quite refreshing.

It Started With a Kiss Lip Tint, available here, £5.95

I've been using this mascara for a long time now, so I should probably buy a new one. This mascara instantly brightens my face and makes me feel more human, and it makes my lashes look thicker, longer and curlier - basically everything you need in a mascara! This was a pretty cheap mascara, and I'm going to purchase a different one, so if you guys could reccomend your favourite mascaras, I'd really appreciate it!

Maybelline the Falsies Volume Express Mascara, available here, £7.99

The moisturising gel by Etre Belle is something that was featured in my May Glossybox, and although I wasn't completely impressed with it last month, I've been using it a tiny bit at a time before I cleanse, and found it left my skin really soft and bright. I think I just used too much when I tried it last month, but at £15.93 a pop, I thought I'd better use it regardless, and I'm glad I did!

Etre Belle Moisturising Gel, available here, £15.93

So there's my monthly favourites for June, excluding some products that I got for my birthday. I feel like this is quite a small list, but there are quite a lot of things from previous months that I still love, so I thought I would leave them out as I had already mentioned them before.

What have you been loving recently?

See you soon!
Katie xo

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