Wednesday, 29 July 2015

July Glossybox

This month's Glossybox is by far my favourite of the ones I have received so far. The collector's edition box was inspired by French skincare, complete with illustrations and a box designed by the phenomenal artist Jamie Lee Reardin. 

This month's box featured 4 French skincare products, as well as an adorable exclusive Glossybox travel pouch. I'm not even a little bit disappointed with any of these products and I'm really impressed with the amount of effort that went into the July Glossybox! I have a weird obsession with France and think it is a beautiful country, so I was really excited when I saw that this box was French inspired.

First of all, a little bit about the artist! Jamie Lee Reardin is the fashion 'it' artist of the moment, and has done work for Chanel, Givenchy, Christian Dior, Cara Delevingne, and Anna Wintour. Ooh la la! She was the brains behind the gorgeous design of the box and the adorable face of the box, Mademoiselle Glossy. Check out her Instagram here.

First up is the noxidoxi Enhancing Serum Base which aims to protect your skin from external aggressions - fancy!

noxidoxi Enhancing Serum Base
Glossybox Says: A serum is the power-house of any skincare regime. From Bordeaux-born brand noxidoxi, this has a CRC6 moisturising complex, which hydrates the skin's surface as well as deeper layers, while a cocktail of antioxidants and anti-inflammatories protect the skin. Layer under moisturiser.
My Review: I have never used a serum before, although I've really wanted to. This stuff shields your skin from environmental damage, so no matter what the weather, or how polluted your surroundings are (smokers, cough cough), your skin will still be amazing. I actually really like this. I put this on in the morning after cleansing and toning, and before moisturising, and found that it left my face feeling healthy and protected. I do believe this stuff works really well, and for something that protects your skin from smoke and pollutants, I don't think £33.46 is bad all all! You can get it here.

Next, the Lollipops Lip Balm Delicieuse, the only full sized product featured in this month's Glossybox.

Lollipops Lip Balm Delicieuse

Glossybox Says: A wonderful French find. This rich and creamy balm immediately soothes and softens with antioxidants and vitamin E, as well as protecting the lips from UV damage. Perfect for the summer!
My Review: I'll be honest, lip balms aren't something I tend to worry about very much anymore, simply because I've found my holy grail lip balm which is the Body Shop Cocoa Butter lip balm, but there's definitely no harm in trying new things, especially if they've come all the way from France! I'll start with the bad point first - there is barely anything in the tube. I had to squeeze it really hard to get any lip balm out, so I probably won't repurchase it simply because you're not really getting much! However, this stuff is really good. It smells quite sweet, I can't quite put my finger on what it smells like but it's definitely familiar! It does hydrate your lips and I found it was a lovely base in my skincare routine. It's only £4.15 for a tube and is available here. It is also available in two other flavours!

This is the only product I haven't actually tried yet, and you'll see why in a minute... Presenting the Teoxane Cosmeceuticals Perfect Skin Refiner!

Teoxane Cosmeceuticals Perfect Skin Refiner

Glossybox Says: Why hyaluronic acid to plump and hydrate skin, 10% glycolic acid to help resurface the skin and calming ingredients to reduce irritation. Start by using it every other night (you'll feel a mild tingling at first), and as with all potent treatments, a high SPF is a must during the day.
My Review: Okay, when a product makes your skin tingle, you know that either it's working it's magic, or you're going to die. Well, not really, but it's easy to be intimidated by products that affect your skin that way, so I am a little scared to try this, but even more excited. The only reason I haven't tried this yet is simply because I don't own an SPF, gasp! Shock horror! I know, I need to buy one, but they're pricey and I never go outside because I'm a winter girl. However, at £70 a pop (!), it had better be good. If you can afford this then head on over here to purchase it!

You can never have too many perfumes, so you can imagine my happiness when I saw the Yves Rocher Comme Une Evidence Eau De Parfum in the box (what a mouthful!)

Yves Rocher Comme Une Evidence Eau De Parfum

Glossybox Says: This quintessentially French musky floral scent is light, feminine and airy. It intertwines notes of violet leaves, rose, lily of the valley and patchouli for a subtle scent that lasts all day (or night) long.
My Review: Gorgeous. Wonderful. Love, love, love! This is such a beautiful scent, it makes me feel so feminine and bubbly, I don't even know how to describe it! Y'know when you're wearing your favourite lipstick or your most flattering jeans and your mood is instantly lifted? This is the perfume version of that. SWOON! It's only £24.50 which is really good for such a lovely perfume, and is available here!

Lastly, my personal favourite, the Glossybox Exclusive Travel Pouch! Peachy keen, jellybean!

Exclusive Glossybox Travel Pouch

Glossybox Says: With exclusive artwork by fashion illustrator Jamie Lee Reardin, this zip-lock pouch is the chicest way to keep your beauty essentials safe through security, or use it as your everyday make-up bag.
My Review: The little bag features an illustration of Mademoiselle Glossy on it, and it is just so cute! It's the perfect size for my daily make-up essentials, so it's brilliant for carrying around in my bag for touch-ups throughout the day.

So that's the July Glossybox! It looks absolutely gorgeous sat on my makeup desk with my other boxes, and I have not been let down! If you don't already have a glossybox subscription you can get one on the Glossybox website, and receive 5 surprise goodies every month! I highly recommend, it's so exciting!

If you haven't already entered my giveaway, you can do that here. There's still a few weeks left so get in while you can!

Until next time, au revoir!
Katie xo