Sunday, 2 August 2015

Liebster Award

Go me, I was nominated for the Liebster award. Thank you very much to Mary Veronica from Beautilicious Freaks. I love the whole idea of nominating people for awards in the blogging community as it shows your followers who you're loving and helps to introduce blogs to people, like one massive shoutout!

Mary's Questions and my answers!
1. If you organize a fashion show what theme would it be? My theme would obviously be like fairy tale. Because I'm generic like that.
2. What do you enjoy the most shopping or blogging?I really love shopping but I really hate spending money, and blogging makes me really proud of myself, so I'm going to say blogging.
3. What would be your favorite outfit pick for a dinner date? 
Something cute and classy, perhaps a midi dress, loose curls, and a pink lip.
4. If made the fashion editor for a popular magazine what would you love to change in the fashion industry or write about? I'd really want to see more plus size models featured in magazines and on the television. It's not fair for us larger girls to have to imagine what a certain outfit would look like on us and be disappointed because it would look nothing like the thinner model. Equal representation of bodies and ethnicities yo.
5. What advice would you like to give to fellow bloggers? Have fun! It's all very well wanting to get something out of your blog but if you aren't enjoying it, what's the point? When it starts to feel like a chore, take a step back and breathe, think about why you started blogging in the first place.

I nominate any of my followers who want to get involved with this, you're all nominated! My questions for you are:
1) If you could decorate your bedroom however you wanted, what would you do to it?
2) What do you do when you feel down?
3) What is your staple makeup/fashion item for the upcoming autumn?
4) Why did you start blogging?
5) Who is your biggest inspiration?

Let me know on Twitter if you've answered my questions, or even just comment if you don't want to write a post!

See you soon!
Katie xo