Sunday, 13 September 2015

Autumn Wishlist | Beauty

Welcome back to my autumn wishlist - this time, makeup! Autumn is definitely about golds, reds, berries and browns, so I have made a little collection of my favourite shades that I would love to wear this autumn. 


(From left to right)

I've actually been quite adventurous with these choices, in the sense that I don't usually go for berry/purple colours for my eyes. I love berry lips but have never actually tried it as an eyeshadow, but these colours look absolutely gorgeous. The Beyond Gold eyeshadow stick is right up my street and by far my favourite out of my choices! Early Christmas present please, mum?!


(From left to right)

I've suddenly become interested in brown eyeliners. They are much more natural looking, and although I love my bold black eyeliner, my eyes are quite small and can often look overpowered, so I'm going to attempt some more natural pencils that you can see here. I've also included the Little Black Liner, just because I still love the bold black look.


(From left to right)

Oh my god, lipsticks galore! I'm quite surprised I went mostly for reds rather then berries and purples, but saying that, I do own an awful lot of berry tones already. I think all of these colours would look great for autumn, as well as into the colder winter months. I included a nude colour (Chanel) as I think a very natural look is also gorgeous at this time of year.


(From left to right)

Last but not least, blush! Now, I'm usually not a blush fanatic - it kind of scares me. BUT, how gorgeous are these colours! They would give such a gorgeous pop of colour to your cheeks, as if you had been out in the chilly autumn breeze too long!

What do you guys think of my makeup wishlist for autumn? What are your must haves this season? Don't forget to check out my autumn clothes wishlist here, and stay tuned for a few more autumn wishlist posts!

See you soon!
Katie xo